With its presence in Nouakchott and Nouadhibou ports, Teissir Shipping can carry out successfully all type of logistical operations.

With dynamic and experienced personnel, as well as a very wide range of lifting and driving equipment, Teissir Shipping is able to meet your expectations regarding safety, efficiency and time optimization.

In addition to the company’s owned and rented equipment, we have at our disposal 2 warehouses and a closed and safeguarded yard of 20000 m2 inside Nouakchott Port, as well as 68000 m2 under construction

Address : 4288 Sec 5 Ext Sebkha P.O.BOX 6673,first quality
Nouakchott- Mauritania
Phone: +222 45 25 25 91
Fax : +222 45 25 88 25
site web: www.teissirshipping.com